Friday, 16 July 2010

Geometry of Structural Form

I am glad to announce that the paper "Geometry of Structural Form" for the conference Advances in Architectural Geometry 2010 has been accepted. My recent research, done at the the ETH Chair of Structural Design, will be presented. Techniques for parametric structural design, based on graphic statics, are described in this paper.

This grasshopper definition has been inspired by Nicholas Grimshaw's Waterloo Station, London.

(c) Grimshaw Architects


Rodrigo Medina said...

Congratullations Lorenz I´ve been following your work for a while very inspirational and awesome !!

Kwesi Kramer said...

Amazing work! You make it look so easy.

Will you be publishing the gh definition anytime soon?

benjamin said...

just got a chance to read this article, really great!

is it possible to see how you constructed the gh definition?



Michele V said...


Michael Makris said...

Any way you can post the GH script so we can look at it closely?

Awesome Job

Lorenz Lachauer said...

The paper can be downloaded here:

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