Thursday 2 December 2010

New Evolutions in ZipShape

Christoph Schindler, co-founder of schindlersalmerón, develops the principle of ZipShape since 2007, in order to build curved elements from cnc-manufactured plain material without molds.

An element consists of two differently slotted panels that only interlock if bent to the desired curvature.

A grasshopper definition worked out during a workshop at the CITA Copenhagen shows the dependency between slot geometry and global curvature.

The newest development allows the fabrication of developable twisted surfaces.

This principle has been applied to a sculpture produced and tested at the Bern University of Applied Sciences in Biel.


Anonymous said...


Sam Ng said...

Would you mind sharing the definition?

Lorenz Lachauer said...

Hi Sam Ng,
you have to refer to Christoph Schindler in this case.

Nick Mundell said...

Can you describe the manufacturing process for ZipShape? I have seen a video of a huge circular saw removing material from a solid to achieve the desired section. Could the process possibly be that wasteful?


Lorenz Lachauer said...

Hi Nick,
please visit for details. There you will find the picture of the big saw, it is used to get sharp cutting edges, not to remove a huge amount of material.
Best, Lorenz.

Nick Mundell said...


Unless you have a use for the slices you remove, it still appears that close to 50% of the original block (MDF?) is waste material. I could imagine the ZipShape as manufacturable component but as it is you are taking two solid blocks, removing almost the equivalent mass of one of them, then joining them to get the desired curve.


(Dont get me wrong, I love the idea of holding the curve via the variable 'zip' geometry, just saying...)

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