Tuesday 11 May 2010

Interactive Graphic Statics

Some nice examples of processing-based interactive graphic static applets have been developed at the MIT. Interactive Thrust is a project started by Philippe Block under supervision of John Ochsendorf.

A truss geometry and its force diagram by Luigi Cremona.

Another great interactiv webpage is Active Statics, developed by Simon Greenwold, Ed Allen and Waclaw Zalewski.

Sunday 9 May 2010

Graphic Statics

The french mathematician Pierre Varignon (1654-1722) introduced the funicular polygon and the polygon of forces in his work Nouvelle Mecanique ou Statique. He describes a way to construct the form of a hanging rope with attached weights graphicaly. Based on this principle, a technique called graphic statics has been developed in the 19th century. The basic principle of graphic statics is the reciprocal relation between force polygon and funicular polygon. Recomended books: Luigi Cremona: Graphical Calculus (1890) and Edward Allen,Waclaw Zalewski: Form and Forces (2009)

This grasshopper definition generates a funicular polygon for uniform loading. Download here.

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