Friday, 24 June 2011

OpenStreetMap for Rhino

Using rhino.python, a script has been written, that imports a static map from OpenStreetMap as background bitmap to Rhino, based on an address and zoom level entered by the user. In a first step, the geographical location of the address is identified using the Nominatim API. The location coordinates are used as input parameter for the MapOf service. Finally, the map image obtained from the web service is placed as background bitmap, in the right scale according to the zoom level.

Additionally, an appropriate EarthAnchorPoint is set based on the geographical location and scale. This allows for the export of geometry in relation to the imported static map to Google Earth using the KML format. The units of the Rhino file are automatically changed to meters, in order to obtain the right scale of the map.

Download the script here.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Computation for Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism

An upcoming symposium at ETH, Zurich: "The aim of this first symposium on computation for sustainable architecture and urbanism is to discuss information-based approaches that augment design processes and descisions towards sustainable buildings and cities." (SUAT)
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