Tuesday 8 January 2013

Gifery: a HTML5 Webapp to Draw Animated Gifs

My brother Jan Lachauer and I just released the first version of a webapp that let's you draw and edit animated gifs on desktop or mobile devices. The app´s client side is based on HTML5 and JavaScript. The server side is programmed in Python (gif creation and upload to tumblr/imgur). We use localstorage to auto save the drawings on the client side, so you can continue whenever you come back to the app from the same device.

Animated gif created by animation wunderkind Jérémie Périn, done with gifery. More animated gifs in the gallery.

A video of an early version of the app. A description of all buttons and hotkeys can be found here.

The following features are implemented till now:
- draw in true color with transparency and variable brush size
- works on mobile devices (tested on iPad and iPhone)
- upload your gif to imgur and tumblr
- import existing gifs to edit or view frame by frame
- auto-save in case you want to continue editing later
- fill shapes
- pick colors
- undo
- onion skin (to see the frame before and after)
- copy and paste frames
- hotkeys

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