Thursday 11 June 2009


Inspiered by the work of Gramazio & Kohler, I plugged together a grasshopper definition, that generates a perforated brick wall from planar curves. Similiar studies in wood have been made recently at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard

(c) by Gramanzio & Kohler


Sohan said...

i tried using the brick script in grasshopper. i created 2 corves and then applies script to those. but its only generating surface between those 2 curves. I was not able to generate bricks as shown in image. can u please help me out. thanks.

Lorenz Lachauer said...

Dear Sohan, there is an issue with the older grasshopper definitions, unfortunately they are not compatible any more with the newer verisons. I will try to fix this definition, as soon as I have free time. Best, Lorenz.

Djordje said...

Hi Lorenz.
Your definition looks really interesting.
But as you mentioned it is not working on newer versions of Grasshopper (I am using 0.8.0066).
I even tried replacing the old components in the script with new ones - still it is not working.

Did you find a way to fix this?

Thank you.

Tristan said...

Hi Lorenz,
I am also looking at a similar definition for my university architecture project, however like Sohan and Djordje mentioned, I am only generating a surface between the two curves. I have also replaced the old definitions but still no luck, have you managed to fix it yet?

Many Thanks,

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