Monday 16 August 2010

Parametric Paperstrip

This parametric model represents the geometry of a twisted straight paperstrip. Length, width, and twist are adjustable.

Some example strips. By definition these surfaces are developable.

The paperstrip as generative element. (c) by Michael Hensel and Achim Menges, Arch+ 188 p.20.

Download the definition here. Another interesting approach has been done by Daniel Piker.


Gregory Epps said...

Hey Lorenz - this is a really nice example of manipulation of developable surfaces... can you post it on Would be great - Greg

Lorenz Lachauer said...

Hi Greg, nice to hear from you. I will put it on And I am already working on a curved folding grasshopper definition, inspired by our lunch talk in vienna. Best, Lorenz.

Fil said...

very interesting!
Would be good to implement this with attractor points, or control points, so that you can actually control more the final bending...

I may work on it and share results.

thanks for sharing this


chris precht said...

hi Lorenz, i used your paperstrip script as a base for some 'zipshape' versions and wanted to give a shout-out. u can see the latest outcome on

thanks for sharing and keep up the great work.
chris precht

Unknown said...

hi Lorenz! it's really a nice work!!!
I'd like to try it,
but the download link is not working now, could you please upload it again? I'll really appreciate it.
thank you very much!

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