Tuesday 26 October 2010

Developable Surface Optimization

The artist Carlo Borer asked me to implement tailored developable surface modelling tools for rhino.

Using Grasshopper together with the
evolutionary algorithm solver Galapagos, an optimization routine for lofted surface strips towards developable surfaces has been implemented.

Gaussian curvature of original and optimized surface. For developable surfaces, the gaussian curvature is zero.

Carlo Borer: 401, 2009.


Rodrigo Medina said...

This is awesome, can you tell me how much time does it takes the galapagos software to come out with a solution like this??

Lorenz Lachauer said...

The movie is in real time. Calculation time depends on geometry of the strip and on density of the rulings.

Alpha222 said...

Hi Lorenz ,I am a grasshopper user too .I like this and wanna know if you would show more details of the GH def ?

Lorenz Lachauer said...

The whole definition is still in development, later I will post it as well.

Per said...

How did you create the first surface? And is it possible to have an other surface using one of that surface edgecurve? In other words, is it possible to make two or more adjoining surfaces that use a common "midcurve"? Can Galapagos deal with more than one surface?
Hope that you understand what I am getting at.

Unknown said...

Nice work.

You might also be interested in this software that uses bending energy minimization to fit planar material to polygon models.


A different approach....


Lorenz Lachauer said...

Hi Paul, thanks for your comment. It looks interesting, I will try LaminaDesign.

Hi Per, the first Surface is just a loft between two hand-drawn curves. In principle one could adjust the definition that it works for two conncted surfaces.

Fil said...

Hi Lorenz,

Great work, I'm working on a very similar concept... the idea is to obtain a developable shape from a bended strip, unroll it, create a pattern over the unrolled surface according to the curvature to facilitate the final bending, and than apply back the pattern to the original shape.

I will look into galapagos...! If you want to share results and scripts will be great!

Unknown said...

This is one of the best blogs that I have seen. You provided an informative article on surface optimization which is most likely making all efforts in dimensional measurement reasonable.

Better yet, your blog allows every models to have less time in terms of inspection services. This enhances the quality of a work even when it's still in a software. Thanks again for a wonderful post!

Unknown said...

wow, looks really good!

thumbs up!

do you define a range how far off the new surface is to the original one?

looking forward to see the definition to understand what you are doing here...

schöne grüsse aus Oslo!

Unknown said...

It is just great. good job.
very appreciate the first idea, your efforts and your great cooperation.
with this idea we would expect development in the engineering optimization applications too.
Thank you.
Amir Mosavi
University of Debrecen

Unknown said...

Are you going to apply different optimization methods?
are you going to optimize other objectives too?
Are you up to optimize multipe objectives too?

how can I get to integrate my optimization methods with Grasshopper?


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